Participation Terms and Conditions



Terms and Conditions


Confirmation of enrolment will be sent out in the form of a ‘confirmation of place’ letter. Payment is due ten (10) days before the programme start date. Learners who wish to dispute the fees due must do so within one (1) month of the invoice date. Requests to review fees or account balances must also be made within the one (1) month. These requests must be made in writing. At the discretion of Mission Ready, this period may be extended. Once the request is received, the review will be completed within seven (7) working days. Once the review is completed, any outstanding balance is due immediately.

Failure to pay any invoice(s) by the due date means you will then be liable for all costs and expenses incurred in the recovery, or attempted recovery of the overdue amount from you. This includes legal costs and debt collection agent fees, which may affect your credit rating. Under these circumstances Mission Ready may give to, or obtain from, any relevant third-party information held about your personal or commercial credit arrangements.

Academic Results for any course or programme will be withheld where fees or any other debt remains unpaid. Students will be prevented from graduating or receiving their award(s) until their debt has been paid in full. The student will also be prevented from re-enrolling in further courses of study.


Enrolment in a programme or course is conditional upon and subject to enough students enrolling in the programme or course. 


Transfers are negotiated with the Programme Director There are no penalties; but there may be additional fees required or a refund may be due. If student loan has been used to pay fees the refund will need to be returned to StudyLink and a new loan is drawn down for the new programme.


In the event of withdrawal or cancellation, the applicable fees and refunds will be calculated depending on scenario.

If payments are received on time no Admin fee will apply, late or default payments will incur a $100 admin fee. 

Learners will normally receive a full refund if Mission Ready cancels a scheduled delivery of a course or programme offering.  

On application, students must agree to the Mission Ready Student Terms and Conditions before their enrolment into a Programme can be processed. These Terms and Conditions outline all refund entitlements for all our programmes. For further information about enrolments please see our Learner and Admissions Policy 

If you have any questions, contact Student Success Team. Make sure you understand the refund policy before enrolling.


Mission Ready HQ Ltd. collects and stores information about students to comply with various statutes and/or regulations. This enables us to make decisions regarding your academic progress and to provide you with evidence of your academic achievements. This information may be also shared with other Teams on a “need to know” basis. This information can also be used to arrange appropriate support for students.

After completion, your contact information is used for surveys and provided to the community engagement team.

Where it is relevant, personal information may be disclosed to other agencies such as, but not limited to:

the Ministry of Education

Audit New Zealand

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

Industry Training Organisations

industry licensing and registration bodies,

other tertiary institutions

providers of work experience for students in courses with a practical component.

You have the right to request to see and correct if necessary, the information you have provided. If you wish to enquire about personal information held by Mission Ready please contact Student Success Team. You will be required to provide some form of valid ID such as a driver’s licence or passport if you wish to access your personal information.