Our Job Promise

Our promise


A Guarantee for Success in Tech
or Your Money Back

  • At Mission Ready, our goal is to bridge the tech skills gap and empower you to achieve success in your tech career. With industry-led, project-based training and a comprehensive job support program, we have a proven track record of helping learners reach their goals.
  • To further demonstrate our commitment to your success, we are proud to offer the Mission Ready Promise – a two-part guarantee designed to give you the support you need to succeed.

  • Continuous Support Guarantee : If, after completing the Tech Career Accelerator, you are unable to secure a job in tech within six months, Mission Ready will provide you with a no-cost mentored work experience. This additional experience will help you stay relevant in your job search and give you the opportunity to gain further industry experience. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary to achieve your career goals, as long as you continue to demonstrate performance and engagement, and meet the requirements set out to qualify for the guarantee.

  • Tuition Refund Guarantee : If, after completing the mentored work experience, you are still unable to secure a relevant role in tech within 12 months of completing the Tech Career Accelerator, you will be eligible for a 100% refund of your fees.

  • At Mission Ready, we are confident in our ability to help you succeed in tech, and we stand behind our commitment with the Mission Ready Promise. Join us today and experience the difference for yourself.

To be eligible for Continuous Support Guarantee and Tuition Refund Guarantee, you must meet the following conditions and requirements:
1.   Completion of Missions: You must successfully complete all missions as part of the 9 + 10 week Tech Career Accelerator Programme by the designated due dates.
2.   Certification: You must attain the NZQA Certificate in Applied Technology Product Solutions (Level 6).
3.   Positive Reference: You must receive a positive reference and Exemplary rating from the sponsoring organization for your most recent mentored work experience.
4.  Professional Updates: Within the first 3 weeks of completing the a Mentored Work Experience, you must keep your LinkedIn profile, portfolio, and resume/CV updated with your new skills and incorporate feedback from your Mission Ready trainers.
5.   Job Offer Acceptance: You must not turn down any full time, part-time, contract, fixed term, or casual job offer in your trained field. Turning down an offer will disqualify you from the guarantees immediately.
6.   Job Support Program: You must enroll in our 3-month job support program that provides interview skills, tips for writing CV and LinkedIn profile, etc. The Initial Job Search Period begins 180 days after the post-project review.
7.   Job Prospect Enhancement: You must follow reasonable instructions and advice from us to enhance your job prospects. This includes attending all interviews and meetings arranged by us and taking a proactive approach to request support.
8.   Job Applications: You must follow ALL reasonable instructions and apply for at least 20 jobs every three months of the Job Search Period.
9.   Networking: Every 3 months, you must attend at least 3 of our recommended industry-related networking events (live or remote).
10. Course Fees: You must have fully paid all course fees, and have not been granted any scholarship that covers full or part of the course fees.
11. Mission Ready Emails: You must not opt out of receiving Mission Ready emails.
Assuming you have met the conditions and requirements set out previously, our Tuition Refund Guarantee will apply if:
“12 months have passed since you completed the Tech Career Accelerator program and”

“you have not been successful in obtaining any form of employment in the tech industry or a related field
(e.g. casual, contract, full-time, part-time, or freelance work, with a minimum of 15 hours per week or 60 hours per month).”

To claim your refund, you must notify us in writing within 13 months of completing the Tech Career Accelerator program by emailing hello@Missionreadyhq.com. In your notification, you must demonstrate that you have fulfilled all conditions and requirements set out previously.


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